Software for Hotels and Restaurants with K.O.T.management Table Service. Check in Check Out/ Stock Management, Production. Very Easy to operate.

In every hotel, Room reservation is the primary step for visitor entry. The hotel invites Reservations by phone, through an agent, By Email, Website or direct customer reservation.

At the time of booking, manually checking which room is vacant or which rooms are occupied on a particular date is a very complicated and time-consuming process.

Using 5-Star there is no need to remember or maintain any diaries of room booking. 5-Star shows only vacant rooms list very intelligently at the time of reservation.

Easy, Clear & Professional Invoicing

In a hotel, Bill is a very much complicated process. It involves

1. Calculation of Rent for stay days

2. During these days there are many items served at different intervals

3. Calculation of other charges like vat, Luxury Tax, Service Tax, Discount etc.

5-Star automatically produce professional and total error-free invoice on a single click. With automatic calculation of all the rent, food & Other charges.

How to Install

1. Download Both Setups file (5-Star_setup.exe and innovative_support_file.exe.exe)
2. Install Both Setups on your PC one-by-one
3. While installing 5-Star setup, choose the directory where you want to install. By default its D:\..\
4. Then run the 5-Star from your desktop.