Smart School


ERP Software for Schools & Colleges to handle Enquiry, Admission, Fee Management, Library, Attendance, Time Table, Certificates. ID Card, Reminder Letters, Demand Register, SMS, Birthday, Stock, Financial Accounting & more.. Now with Mobile App.

I-Genius Software does not save only your valuable time but helps in development and growth of your esteemed organization

I-Genius software handles fees Management system so Intelligently and easily. As a result there are no long queues for fees payment leaving behind a great impression in the parents mind.

How to Install

1. Download Both Setups file (Smart_School_setup.exe and innovative_support_file.exe.exe)
2. Install Both Setups on your PC one-by-one
3. While installing Smart School setup, choose the directory where you want to install. By default its D:\..\
4. Then run the Smart School from your desktop.